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parabola_mag's Journal

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First, this community is not directly affiliated with the journal itself. Just set up by a subscriber as a forum for discussion on Parabola's, articles and issues, as well as whatever they inspire in the reader. I imagine focus will be on the current issue, but there is such a rich back catalog, I'd hate to limit to just that. Discussion should be unrestricted, but respectful. Both analytical and abstract thoughts (and everything in between) are welcome.
absence, aestheticism, attention, awakening, bible, birth, body, buddhism, ceremonies, chaos, christianity, community, compassion, confucism, conscience, consciousness, contemplation, cosmology, cosmos, creation, creativity, crossroads, culture, death, disciples, discipline, divinity, dreams, dying, earth spirituality, eastern philosophy, ego, egypt, elders, energy, eros, fate, forgiveness, fortune, friendship, fundamentalism, garden, god, grace, greece, healing, heart, hierarchy, hinduism, hospitality, humor, illusion, initiation, innocence, islam, israel, judaism, jung, kabbalah, koran, labyrinth, language, liberation, light, logos, longing, love, magic, marriage, meaning, medicine wheel, meditation, metaphor, miracles, mysticism, mythology, native american church, native american spirituality, nature, new testament, nourishment, numbers, old testament, oral history, oral tradition, order, paganism, parables, peace, philosophy, pilgrimage, plato, poetry, prayer, presence, prison, prophecy, prophets, rebirth, reflection, relationships, religion, renewal, restraint, riddles, rites of passage, rumi, sacred, sacrifice, search for meaning, seeker, silence, sins, solitude, soul, sound, spirituality, stillness, storytelling, stranger, sufism, symbolism, tao te ching, taoism, the fool, the way, thomas merton, threshold, time, torah, traditions, transcendence, transformation, transmission, tree of life, triad, trickster, truth, visions, web of life, wendell barry, wholeness, zen, zoroastrianism