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I just came from eBay, where I was looking up old issues of Parabola. Not bad pricing for some of them, and there are plenty available. You can basically get them for the price of a new magazine, but with shipping included.

My first back-issue is going to be the 2004 Marriage issue, since that was the first one I read. I gave it to someone who was going through a divorce because it included a wonderful essay on it. I thought it was important to include that in a volume on marriage - it must be contemplated when you are making decisions like that. And I hope it somehow brought my friend a sense of peace about her own separation, since its main point was that sometimes we have to sever a relationship when it is not serving anyone in a good way. It wasn't an excuse for not trying, but rather an exploration of relationships that are more hurtful than helpful.

Did anyone read this issue, and what did you think?

Or for new posts - what is your favorite back issue, or one that you'd recommend? The magazine has been around for 30 years, and I'm just starting to discover what it holds. I wish I had the entire catalog. Which one should I get first? :)
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